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TPD Tips

Here is a few tips to help you keep more of your hard earned money where it belongs, in YOUR pocket.

Keep the components in your tank operating for as long as you can by MANUALLY cleaning your bowl. I know, it's just so easy to put those tablets in the tank but what if I told you those tablets are eating away at the components and seals? You'd probably quit using them right? Those tablets are super concentrated bleach and they destroy rubber tank parts over time leading to costly repairs and can even cause flood damage due to tank bolts leaking water onto the floor.

A good way to keep your kitchen sink draining properly is to limit or OMIT use of the disposal (if you have one). When you grind food and send it down the drain, the water ends up outrunning the waste and over time a blockage occurs, it's no different than pouring grease down the drain! You're better off throwing scraps in the trash. An easy way to kill disposal odors is to grind up the old, clumped together ice in the freezer. This freezes the food particles together and washes them down the drain leaving the disposal clean.

It's a good idea to drain and flush your water heater annually to remove sediment. What is sediment? It's debris from the water and the tank itself that collects at the bottom of the heater. The burner inside your heater is at the bottom of the tank and has to heat the sediment first then the surrounding water. This makes the heater inefficient and gives you less hot water to boot. If left untreated, the sediment will start making LOUD noises in the heater as it heats. A good way to avoid getting burned by water being too hot is to set the temperature at 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Run water from the tap until it gets hot and then test the temperature using a thermometer. If it is above 125 degrees Fahrenheit, lower the setting on your water heater and test again in 2 hour increments until you reach 125 degrees.

An easy way to save on water and electric/gas bills without replacing the water heater with a tankless water heater is to install a circulating pump. This will give you hot water in a few seconds at EVERY fixture in the home! You can even install a model with a timer to have it only work at certain times of the day.